nic’s tricks.

here is one of nic’s new things he learned.  I went into his room to get him up from his nap to find him doing this… BTW… if you don’t change a kid’s dirty diaper for a while… WHEW!!!!  



musings – philippians 1

so we are studying the book of philippians in the Bible for like 8 weeks.  We have read chapter one for like 14 days and I feel as if I have absorbed the info into the deepest parts of my brain and life.  One of the major things that I love about this chapter is the very first sentence.  Paul describes himself as a “slave” of God.  better… a “bond-slave”… a doulos {that is the greek word for it}.  Anyway… the imagery of a doulos is beautiful.  In BC days… if a master were to set a slave free… consider his debt paid in full… sometimes the slave would in turn commit his life back to the master in a lifetime of free service out of love for his master.  He would go over to the door post… the master would take a sharp peg… and he would pierce the servants ear and put a ring through it signifying that he was a doulos… a freed slave who returned for a life of loving service to his master.  That is what I want for my life.  I love the imagery! 

Give me a U-C-L-A!!!

if any of you saw the game tonight… you’d have to agree with me: they seemed like a whole new team!  In fact… my bruins seemed like they were on a mission to prove the nay-sayers wrong… and boy did they ever.  My boy, Kevin Love… just DROWNED Xavier tonight.  can’t wait to see who they will battle in the Final Four!  yup… that’s right… 3 in a ROW people!  Go Bruins!

cinderella at the big dance.

Davidson… what else can you say?  This is why they call it march madness.  I mean… who would have ever thought that a little unknown school would knock out a Big East powerhouse, a big ten champ, and a tournament staple in Gonzaga???  I love it!  even though I didn’t pick any of this madness… I will keep watching.  Expect the unexpected… maybe they’ll knock of top ranked Kansas and half of the people around the USA will have their brackets jacked up?  GO UCLA!!!  We’ve got a tough one coming up!  Beat Xavier!

ticket to ride.

so j and gretchen came over and we all played our favorite game… ticket to ride… build trains… connect routes… etc… anyway… I scored a whopping… ready???  45 points in the first game… everyone else scored over 140.  terrible.