So we do this thing @ OSM every year called STRIVE. basically it’s a one day all-day workathon around the city of Kokomo. The students of our ministry are supposed to get sponsored to work… and all of the money that they raise builds our operating budget for the next year. without this endeavor… we’d be up a creek without a paddle. There are also incentives that come along with STRIVE… like 1/2 scholarship to Bigstuf and a full scholarship. But as I started to put all of this together… I really didn’t want students to see STRIVE as “MONEY” or as “FREE CAMP.” I feel that is what it has become. I want our students to see this as an opportunity to REACH OUR CITY. The money that they raise will go toward the mission of OSM… and that is to help students on path to knowing Jesus. The day of serving is all about reaching out to Kokomo. We will continually beat this drum, “REACH YOUR CITY,” because that is what Jesus has asked us to do. STRIVE isn’t a privilege… it’s a responsibility. Jesus said “go and do likewise” (luke 10:37)… so that is what we are doing!


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