youth ministry minute – take #1.

for the least of theseokay… so I haven’t written about youth ministry at all on my blog… and I’ve had this thing for almost a month!  wow!  It’s like being a home run hitter and not swinging a bat for a month… it just doesn’t feel right.  I lead this thing called OSM… it stands for Oakbrook Student Ministry… catchy, right?  you can find us @  Anyway, I thought that I would start a series called “youth ministry minute.”  The whole premise of this is to try and talk about an element of youth ministry in 1 minute or less. We’ll do it every Tuesday.  today let’s talk about… OUTREACH.  It is imperative to teach the students in your ministry to serve others.  There are very few things that catalyze growth in the lives of your students like serving.  When students learn to serve, they learn to love their neighbor as themselves.  Hold this as a core, non-negotiable value in your ministry.  Teach it, plan it, program it, live it!  find ways that you can motivate students to care “for the least of these.” 


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