so I was watching Mike & Mike on ESPN 2 this morning and they had on 2 guests about tonight’s sweet sixteen NCAA tourney games… they had on Tom Izzo… Michigan St. head coach… and they had on Bob Knight.  Bob Knight made one of the biggest call out’s ever.  He said that Tom Izzo should be more concerned about winning tonight than being on the T.V. and Radio.  basically, saying that the media buzz surrounding Mich. St. has gone to his head a little.  Tom Izzo is a championship calibur coach. He just seems to know how to get his team to the final four in the tournament.  Even though his team this year is a little above average… he has those guys playing well above their level.  all I could say to that comment from Bob Knight was “WOOOOW!”  anyway… UCLA is going to win it all so, WHATEVER to both of them! HA!  Go Bruins!


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