raising a “wild” boy – thought #1.

So I’ve been reading John Eldredge’s book “The way of the wild heart.”  It’s all about how to raise boys to be REAL men.  anyway… there were a few quotes tonight that intrigued me: “One day in Samuel’s kindergarten class his teacher passed out paints, brushes, and paper cut in the shape of large butterflies for the students to color “using your own imaginations,” … the plan being that they would use these… to decorate a bulletin board for Parent’s Day… It was a very important project, and Samuel gave great concentration and effort to his, creating with pride an A-10 Warthog attack butterfly, complete with rocket launchers, .50 caliber machine gun, and heat seeking missiles.  The teacher was horrified.” I so want Nic to do that!!!  how awesome would that be? “Let the boy blow stuff up.  Let him play with weapons.  How did David get so good with a slingshot, do you suppose?  I don’t think his father gave him a Cabbage patch doll to play with.  Some folks wrote to me to say they’d tried that – encouraged their sons to play with dolls to make their education more “sensitive.”  When they returned from a night out, the babysitter apologized profusely.  “I’m sorry – I didn’t know what they were doing.”  They found the boys out back, dressed as indians, dancing and whooping around a tree to which they had tied – and beheaded – the dolls.” What an awesome story.  I’m raising a little warrior!  A “Wild” boy! 


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