musings – philippians 1

so we are studying the book of philippians in the Bible for like 8 weeks.  We have read chapter one for like 14 days and I feel as if I have absorbed the info into the deepest parts of my brain and life.  One of the major things that I love about this chapter is the very first sentence.  Paul describes himself as a “slave” of God.  better… a “bond-slave”… a doulos {that is the greek word for it}.  Anyway… the imagery of a doulos is beautiful.  In BC days… if a master were to set a slave free… consider his debt paid in full… sometimes the slave would in turn commit his life back to the master in a lifetime of free service out of love for his master.  He would go over to the door post… the master would take a sharp peg… and he would pierce the servants ear and put a ring through it signifying that he was a doulos… a freed slave who returned for a life of loving service to his master.  That is what I want for my life.  I love the imagery! 


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