youth ministry minute – take #3:

remember people… it’s whatever I can write about youth ministry in a minute or less.  Today, because I am heading up to Chicago to the SHIFT conference… I will write about the importance of LEARNING in  youth ministry.  Always be a learner.  Leaders are learners.  I love going to conferences like YS, SHIFT, ORANGE, etc… because every time I have been… I have had my thinking stretched in different areas.  I think there is this mentality once you take up residence in your office and start your ministry with students that “I have something to teach” and we forget all about the other side… the learning side.  I always want to be teaching from what I am learning.  I am totally expected to expand this week!


3 thoughts on “youth ministry minute – take #3:

  1. you suckered me into it sam, i have a blog.

    enjoy yourself up there, and remember to write down all of the baller statements that brian mclaren and shane claiborne say.

  2. SAM! I took this picture, get out of town!! You also love those conferences bc of all the free t-shirts. xcept the stingy booths who dont want to give them out just bc we are raiding them for no purpose. but whatever…

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