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amish paradise.

so I’m driving down lincoln road in kokomo… a pretty popular street.  Not too rural by any stretch of the imagination.  When I look up and see… that’s right… an Amish buggy coasting down the side of the road.  This is not a usual happening.  In fact… in my 6 years I have lived on Lincoln road, I have NEVER seen 1 Amish buggy.  Up in northern indiana maybe… but not here.  I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought this because there were literally 5-6 cars in front of me and EVERY one of the drivers had their cell phones out taking pictures of the buggy.  BTW… that is not the actual picture.  So I wanted to twitter about it and text a few friends to let them know.  I use the WORD text application… you type in the right numbers and it figures out the word you want… I typed in what should have been AMISH… but my phone didn’t come up with that word… in fact, my cell phone doesn’t even know the word AMISH.  I thought “How ironic, my cell phone doesn’t know Amish, and I’m pretty sure Amish don’t know cell phone.”  HAHA!  Have a great “butter churnin'” day!

one of those mornings.

if you’ve been in ministry any length of time… or if you haven’t and wanted a sneak peak inside the life of someone who has… you’ll find that there are certain mornings that are more relaxing and enjoyable than others.  maybe it’s just my personality… but Tuesday mornings are not fun for me.  Why?  because Tuesdays are mostly about getting Administration stuff done.  I know I have to do it… but it makes me want to vomit at the same time.  Wednesday and Thursday mornings are different.  Message prep mornings.  I love these days. Creativity. Meaning. Purpose.  {to me anyway}  Today just happens to be one of those days… and one of my favorite things to do is to head over to this little coffee shop called Vincenzos and work on my messages with smooth Jazz tunes playing in the background and a large mocha within reach.  It is so relaxing.  I feel more creative.  more alive.

baseball tonight.

Nic and I sat out on the porch and watched the little leaguers across the street practicing “Bafe-ball” {as nic calls it}.  It was such a relaxing night.  Nic loves watching the little kids “swing-baaat” and “miffed”.  tonight was just the perfect night to sit out on the porch, drink some iced tea, and watch some little league baseball.  hope your night was just as good.

Heritage – week 2 prep.

this morning is all about prep. for my talk in OSM.  Heritage – week two – looking up.  Wednesday mornings are usually the best time for me to get that kind of stuff done.  Next week will be killer though… because I have a talk in OSM, a talk in the main service, and a meeting with next year’s 7th grade students and their parents after OSM.  should be a fun week.