buying stock on e-trade…

so I think I caught my son, nic, trying to buy stock on e-trade today and I think he was going to use his extra coin to rent a clown.  HAHA!!  🙂


it’s finally time to admit it…

well… it’s finally time to admit that I’ve lost a step or two as it relates to basketball.  I try to do moves that once came with ease only to find myself in the wrong position.  I try to elevate and realize that I couldn’t squeeze an ant between my foot and the ground.  And after all is said and done… I feel like I’ve just run a marathon.  I hate to say it… but I’m feeling… what’s the word… Oh ya… OLD!  I know, I know… I’m only 27 and look like I’m about maybe 20… but athletically I feel out of my element.  But I will keep pushing… keep playing.  Why?  Because 1) I love to play and 2) I have a passion for competition.  

“who is Jesus” – week one

tonight was week one of our OSM summer series “who is Jesus?”  There was a pretty decent crowd for the summer.  we are basically running after 1 question for 3 weeks… “with all the different views and opinions of who Jesus is out there… Who is Jesus?  Who is the REAL Jesus?”  We talked about 4 different opinions out there about Jesus… the pop-culture/media Jesus, the painted Jesus, the TV church Jesus, and the vintage Jesus.  It was an  awesome opportunity to teach students about what the Bible says about who Jesus really is.  in the next two weeks of the series we will answer some FAQ’s about what the Bible says about Jesus.

vacation to NIAGRA FALLS

It was my first time to Niagra falls.  It was awesome.  The views were breathtaking.  It was a very relaxing time.  I tried to envision myself going in a barrel over the falls.  it didn’t look too big from a distance… but as I got closer… the idea of a barrel.. besides being illegal, was very scary.  Those falls are huge.  It was a great vacation!