pathetic Basketball

tonights NBA finals game was a complete joke.  Here’s what I mean.  The Lakers had a 24 pt. lead at one point only to lose the game.  Why did they lose?  was it because of the Celtics awesome defense?  If you watched the game… you shouldn’t come up with that answer.  Was it the Lakers pathetic defense?  Partly.  In my opinion… It was the fact that in the 3 and 4 quarter the Lakers decided to stand around on offense which created terrible spacing, easy defensive assignments for the Celtics, and terrible shots with the shot clock winding down.  If you watched the first half… you saw a dominant Lakers team moving without the basketball, not waiting for Kobe Bryant to “make something happen” and they were an offensive machine.  The fact that Kobe barely scored was evidence enough that they should have stuck with it.  But, as we’ve all seen before, they started standing around and hoping that their lead would hold and that Kobe would pick up the team, carry them completely on his back, and win the game for them like he did in game 3.  NOT THIS TIME.  Boys and Girls out there who want to learn what real basketball is all about?  DON’T WATCH THE NBA FINALS!  It’s sad that the thing most little boys aspire to in basketball is fundamentally terrible.  Learn to move without the basketball.  Learn good angles.  Learn to play solid defense.  Learn when to shoot and when to pass.  Learn what good court spacing and awareness is all about.  THEN you will BE LIKE MIKE!


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