The Dark Knight_ my review

I want to start off by saying… I am in NO WAY a movie expert or a great movie critic… so if you don’t agree with me… It’s okay.  That being said… I LOVED this movie.  The one thing I have against this is just a minor thing… I don’t like the voice Bale uses when he is Batman… other than that… this movie was BY FAR the best BATMAN movie EVER MADE.  There were so many great one liners and plot turns… it kept you engaged and guessing all the way through it.  HEATH LEDGER, IMHO surpassed that of Jack Nicholson as the Joker.  I found him to be WAY more believable.  There were times when I forgot that he was playing a role and was sucked in to the demented, twisted mind of the Joker.  If you haven’t seen this yet… YOU NEED TO.  I don’t care if your a BATMAN fan or not.  The acting in this movie was AMAZING.  I would pay the $8.50 {yup… movies in Kokomo are only $8.50} to go see that again.


3 thoughts on “The Dark Knight_ my review

  1. I only payed $8.00 to see it, therefore, my movie experience was more enjoyable. What did I do with that extra .50 cents? Hit up the local Wal Mart and got a wicked sweet tatoo from the machine out front. OH YEAH

  2. it was good but you should add a word of caution! if you are easily given nightmares DONT go see this. it left me tossing and turning all night!!

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