TXT – a 2 wk advntr in God’s Word

For the next two weeks I’ll be teaching in Oakbrook Church’s main service a series called TXT.  The whole idea behind it is this: “If God sent you a text message, would you read it?”  We got the idea from Northpoint church in Alpharetta, Ga.  I’ll give you a sneak peak into week one:  Text messaging is taking over the communication world.  It is becoming a huge phenomenon in our culture.  In 2005 there were over 55 million cell phone users and over 37 Billion text messages sent and received.  You can just imagine what those statistics are today… 3 years later.  If you text, then you know one thing to be true: WE ALWAYS READ OUR TEXT MESSAGES… without excuse.  We even excuse ourselves from face to face conversations to read our text messages.  No one ever says “I got your text… but I’m just not a big reader… so I don’t know what it said.”  If this is true, then why do we make that excuse when it comes to reading God’s text message, the Bible?  This weekend I am going to explore 6 MAJOR LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCES that happen when you engage, interface, and interact with God’s Word.  RYB!


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