mustache week ’08 – day three

today’s mustache shout-out goes to the “almost not there” mustache.  I think this is the category that I fit into.  Our picture today is of the charlotte bobcats’ Adam Morrison.  He first wore the mustache while playing in college (I think… never saw him before that) with the Gonzaga Bulldogs.  Here’s to you… mr. “almost not there” mustache guy!  Happy Mustache week!


mustache week ’08 – day two

day two is all about another famous mustache.  This mustache was first made famous (to me anyway) by two people: Hulk Hogan and the late Rod Beck (used to be a closing pitcher for the SF Giants).  The most recent sighting has been from the Orange County Choppers Paul Sr.  Happy Mustache week!

mustache week ’08 – day one

So like I said… I’m probably not going to grow a mustache this week.. partially because I work with teenagers and don’t want to look like “THAT GUY” and partially because I want my wife to kiss me at least 1 time this week.  So here is how I am celebrating mustache week… I am going to highlight everyday the best mustaches ever.  That’s right… a mustache a day!  

Today… let’s stand in awe of the Rolly fingers “hooked” mustache.  It probably has an official name…I think it is the “handle-bar mustache” but that is how I recognize it.  Look and be amazed!  Happy Mustache Week ’08:

mustache week ’08

So i saw this on another blog and I thought it was hilarious.  I’m not sure if I’ll participate… I’m fairly certain that I have what Joel McHale of E’s “The Soup” calls the “creepy flesh colored beard,” so I’m not sure it is worth the “No SHAVE, No KISS” house rule violation.  So I shared this funny week with the guys in our High School small group and said (basically) “grow ’em if ya got ’em.”  Then the unpredictable happened.  I was shown a photo of one of the senior guys in my small group… he was wearing a fake mustache.  He looked like BORAT!  So I’m challenging him to wear it all week in honor of Mustache week ’08.

happy mustache week!!!!!!!

Central Indiana students and boxes of cans…

yesterday over 300 students from 15 different churches across north central Indiana went out in teams of 6 into the Howard county community and collected canned food for the Kokomo Rescue Mission.  The rescue mission feeds the hungry of Howard county.  Last year the KRM fed over 110,000 meals. That is a BIG DEAL seeing as the city of Kokomo only has about 45-50,000 people living in it.  Students spent 2 hours collecting, and then all of the students came back to a local church to turn in what they had collected, weigh it, and then celebrate together what God had done in our community.  They were able to raise over 5 tons (that’s right… TONS) of food.  What an awesome job.  It’s times like these that make me proud to be a youth pastor.

a lazy fall saturday…

so what do you do on a saturday in fall… well, Nic and I decided to do 3 things today: 1) watch college football (what else), play Madden on Xbox, (he kind of knows what to do… he knows about the green button), and do some around the house chores… yes, I am getting more and more responsible.  Sarah has pretty much been out of commission this weekend… so the house is all ours… SCARY!  BTW… if you live in an apartment… think about this:  we got a ridiculous note this week telling us that we had 2 days (everyone in the apartments) to get all of our grills OFF THE PROPERTY.  They received a letter about it from the fire department WEEKS ago… but gave us this note Thursday saying “If you don’t have them down by monday… the fire marshall is going to issue citations… and YOU will pay for them.”  No mention of the fact that they held this info until the last minute and then demanded that we part with our grill in 2 days.  BAD COMMUNICATION.  One of the many reasons we are going to move.  the other reason is because WE ARE GOING TO BUY A HOUSE!  not telling which one yet… but we definitely have an accepted offer and are 1/3 of the way completed in becoming home owners.  This is very exciting to me.  ANYWAY… hope your saturday was fun and productive.