“All you need is LOVE!” – part one

So I get the privilege of doing the talk this weekend on the subject of LOVE.  Our church had the idea of “what would happen if we chose to leverage the music of one of the most popular bands ever and find some common themes in their music… and then see what God had to say about those themes?”  This is the result.  “The Beatles: Life.Love.Faith.”  When was the last time that you felt “love”?  When was the last time you KNEW love?  In our culture these two things can be very, very different.  Our culture tells us that love is based on feelings, circumstances, it’s something that effects your emotions and is something that you fall in and out of.  The love that the Beatles write about is no different.  “Love me do”, “She loves you”, “Hard Day’s night”, “Can’t buy me love”, “I’m looking through you”, “hide your love away”, and “All you need is love” are just a few songs that, if you took a look at the lyrics, you would find their particular circumstance affected how they felt, how they wrote, and, ultimately, how they loved.  Love can be easy to give and feel when everything is going right… but what do you do when the bottom falls out?  What do you do when love is not reciprocated?  what do you do with rejected love?  What do you do when your love leaves you?  Do you just stop loving?  Do you hide your love away?  How does God’s love differ from this?  And what difference does it make?  After this sunday’s message… I’ll let you know! 😉


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