so I’ve take a one month break from my blog… just a personal thing.  I wanted to focus on some things that I needed to actually focus on (like my relationship with Christ, my wife, and my family).  But I’m back. {not that I have it all together or something}.  In January, OSM did a series called “CONTROL FREAK.”  It was all about how students can improve their relationships with their parents.  Here is a recap of each week:

1) The Myth.

Bottom Line:  myth: there are prefect parents.  truth: no perfect parents.  SO… I need to learn to give grace!

HOW? 1) accept that they aren’t perfect 2) forgive like you want to be forgiven 3) adjust your attitude.

2) Expectations

Bottom Line: COMMUNICATION is the key to expectations

How? 1) Commit to obedience 2) Clarify the expectation 3) Communicate your feelings

3) Authority & Rebellion

Bottom Line: Submission brings freedom, rebellion brings consequences

How? 1) Choose to Obey 2) Choose to Honor 3) Submit to their authority

disclaimer: I reminded the students that there are times where submission would be wrong: when they are asked to sin & if they are in physical harm.


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