encounter:GOD – upcoming series in OSM


This weekend we are starting a five (yup that’s right… it’s that serious) week journey in OSM (our student ministry) looking at the one relationship that matters more than any other in our lives: the one with God.  I love the fact that we are coming off a series that was very platonic and centered around LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS with the opposite sex and going straight into another series that basically will say “THIS RELATIONSHIP IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THOSE.”  The premise behind this series is this: God wants you and I to KNOW HIM… not just know ABOUT Him.  God wants an encounter with you… do you want one with Him?  What about when life hurts?  What about when you feel lost and not sure of who you are?  What about when your faith feels like a generational hand-me-down?  What about when you feel stuck in a rut spiritually?  GOD WANTS AN ENCOUNTER WITH YOU… HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO ENCOUNTER HIM?


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