STRIVE, and phone calls


So our student ministry, OSM, does a fundraiser every year called STRIVE.  It stands for Students Turning Responsibility Into Valuable Experiences.  It is a one day work-a-thon style workday where students get pledges from people and then for one whole day do work in our community.  All the money goes toward making our ministry happen.  That’s right, we fund our ENTIRE ministry this way.  This IS our budget.  We teach our students that this effort helps them become great owners and stewards of their ministry.  Part of the process is for students to call people and ask for money and pledges.  A lot of them are VERY INTIMIDATED by this and have actually verbalized that they have no clue where to start.  That is where this video comes in.  It is a humorous look at how to make a call like this.  This comes from our STRIVE BLOG.  Enjoy:


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