Friday Family Movie Night

We started a tradition in our family about 3 weeks ago.  It really started very innocently.  We went to the local Family Video to get a movie for a Family night.  Family Video rents out kids movies for free.  That is a huge score because now the public library charges to borrow movies.  So Nicholas (my almost 3 year old) and I went to the video store and rented “Finding Nemo.”  That is one of Nic’s favorite movies. It was such a hit that we decided to make it a standing family night.  Friday Family Movie Night.  Now the night consists of a thrilling kids movie, homemade popcorn (not that sissy microwave stuff), and loads of fun.  Last week we watched “A Bugs Life” and tonight we decided to watch “Shrek.”  We (I) got a little excited and made movie tickets and printed them off and had Nic give his ticket to mommy like at a real movie.  Then he got a kids sized bowl of popcorn with a surprise (goldfish crackers), sat down on his favorite football bean-bag chair, and engrossed himself into the movie.  Here are some pictures of Friday Family Movie Night 9.11.09:







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