keep the impossible in front of you

There is a certain thing that happens in the life of every follower of Christ at some point: They start to rely more on what they know and what they see than what they do not know and cannot see.  Sure, we claim to have faith, but if we are honest our faith is merely  intellectual and knowledge based.  Very rarely does our faith dabble in the unknown.  If it is foreign to us, we begin to perceive it as impossible and therefore bad, and we try to put it behind us as quickly as possible.  We have reduced our faith to a category of life rather than a daily lifestyle.  But this is not the way of God.  This is not the way the first followers of Christ responded.  I wonder if our western/American need for security and prosperity have crippled us from the awe and wonder and majesty that the early followers of Christ were filled with?  I wonder if by reducing the impossible in our life, we have negated the need for true faith?  Maybe what we need is a healthy dose of impossibility right in front of us at all times to remind us of how much true faith matters; how near God truly is.  Keep the impossible in front of you!

nothing is impossible with God”  – Luke 1:37


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