“adam lambert, what just happened???”

So last night was the American Music Awards show.  I have to admit that I didn’t watch it.  why?  because I had much better things to do. {like anything other than watch that.}  I did, however, catch Lady Gaga’s number… which was CRAZY!  Fire on a piano?  Wow.  anyway, I woke up this morning, and got on the internet to see what the latest news-worthy stories were, and there it was: Adam Lambert, AI runner up, did a performance that became a dividing line between the artists and the family-friendly crowd.  People on twitter are still either praising him like crazy or ripping him to shreds over this one.  I’m not saying whether it was right or not… because if you knew me you would know what I think… but I am going to say this:  we live in a country where we possess the right to free speech.  I find it ironic that the people who fight tooth and nail for this right are the first ones that, when something offends them, cry for censorship. Folks, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  It’s always going to be a double-edged sword.  we might as well accept that fact.  my other thought is this… if you are adult enough… why not just turn it off?  and if you’re kids were watching it, then maybe they should have been asleep in bed getting enough rest for school on monday?  just saying.


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