OSM christmas party this weekend!!!

This weekend is our annual OSM Christmas Party.  It’s going to be awesome.  We’ll have food, games, movies, hot chocolate, video games, etc…  It’s going to be THE PLACE TO BE if you are in middle school or high school on sunday afternoon.  It all kicks off @ 4:30 in the village @ Oakbrook.  Here are some pics from last year’s party:

so don’t miss it!!!  and bring a few friends with you!  see you sunday!  (if you are a middle school or high school student near Kokomo, In… of course 🙂 )


timeless information; timely communication

If you are a communicator, you’ll totally understand what I’m about to say:  Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a new way to say something that has been said for years and years.  That is what happens every year for me during the Christmas season.  How do you communicate something like the birth of Jesus in a fresh, new way… without blurring the lines of the story?  This story has been told for over 2000 years now… so how do you come up with some new angle?  Some say that you can’t.  Some say that you shouldn’t… that it speaks for itself.  But I think that one of the best things about communication is that you can deliver timely messages using timeless truth.  This year we are attempting to do that in OSM {oakbrook student ministries}.  We are going to look at the birth of Jesus and the surrounding events from a different perspective.  We are also going to add an artistic flair to it.  What are we going to do?  can’t tell you now, but next week I’ll talk about it {after we actually have our service}.

So here’s to communicating currently something that is concrete.