Book Review: Doctrine – what Christians should believe

I want to start this review by saying that this book might be in my top 10 books that I think the church needs to read.  Driscoll and Breshears take timeless doctrine and theology and deliver it in such a timely way.  Each chapter shines a light on not only one of the specific doctrines of the scriptures… but it does it within the context of the Character of God.  Whether you have just started on your journey with Jesus or have been following for most of your life, this book will challenge you and get you to think about God, the gospel of Jesus, and the scriptures in a fresh, new way.  Each time I would finish a chapter I would think, “man!  I wish that everyone in the church would read that!”  I think that my tag line for the book would be, “DOCTRINE – what Christians should READ.”


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