Great Quotes

“Grace doesn’t mean that God gives a big thumbs-up to our faults, sinful hearts, and unbiblical living.  He doesn’t condone our messiness.  Sin is an ugly act of disobedience to God’s ways.  But we all do it.  We have all fallen short of God’s ideal (Romans 3:23).  But when we give our messiness to God, He redeems it.  That’s the real gift of grace!  God doesn’t encourage us to screw up; He saves us after we screw up.  God takes all our sin and, over time, completely transforms us into holiness.  God isn’t just into fine-tuning our manners.  He wants to renovate our total character.  The writer of Hebrews lays it on the line: “What God wants is for us to be made holy” (10:10).  That can only be accomplished if we are willing to connect with God.  Once we do, and we make it a customary and recurrent priority, our messiness leads to holiness.” – Doug Fields, ReFuel pg. 79


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