the “noise” of clutter

So we had our realtor come to our house Tuesday and assess what we needed to fix up/improve/clean out in order to make our house more “sell-able” to perspective buyers.  One of the main things that she basically said was, “less clutter will help people see more possibilities.”  It’s hard to see past a pile of clutter.  So Sarah and I have been scouring our house, finding clutter, and asking ourselves, “How can we get rid of all this?”  The truth is that over 1/2 of the stuff that is cluttering our house hasn’t been touched in the past 2 years.  It’s not like our house is messy… we just have a lot of stuff.  I’ve been asking myself, “do I really need that pair of shoes that I haven’t worn in over a year but keep around just for the possibility that I might wear them?”  The answer is NO.  In this whole process I have started to figure out that clutter adds unwanted noise to my life.  And how cluttered I am with stuff is a direct reflection of how cluttered I am spiritually.  So as I start to de-clutter my house… my goal is also to de-clutter my life.  Jesus said to Martha one time about her sister Mary (who wasn’t helping with all the chores and “ministry” opportunities that were available at the moment) “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details (clutter)!  There is only ONE THING worth being concerned about (sitting and learning at the feet of Jesus).  Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.

Simplifying our lives from clutter… both physically and spiritually, helps us be able to do the ONE THING that is the most necessary in life:  spending time with Jesus.  My guess is that the more cluttered our lives become, the less time or focus we have for Jesus.

I am de-cluttering.  Want to join?


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