do you have a mentor?

I am the youth pastor that I am today because guys like Dwight Peterson poured time into me.  Dwight was one of my youth ministry professors at my college my senior year.  He came up to me one day and asked if I would “teach his son, Joseph, how to play the guitar (really he wanted me to mentor him).”  So I said to him, “I’ll teach him, but you’ve got to mentor me.”  That, outside of my relationship with Christ and my marriage to Sarah and having my kids… okay, you get the point… was one of the most important choices I have made.  He taught me so much… and not just with his words, but with his life.  He was a walking, talking, living version of 1 Thess. 2:8.  Thank you Dwight for taking a chance on me 🙂

Here is Dwight teaching on student ministry:


2 thoughts on “do you have a mentor?

  1. word. great post man. thanks for reciprocating that mentor-ship to a skinny little jr high boy with aspirations of opening to john mayer.

    1. no problem! hey… we seriously have got to get back together at some point. Are you finishing school this year? Wherever I end up… you should come out and visit!

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