“that gas light is on AGAIN!!”

So I’m about ready to head to a speaking engagement that is about 30 min. away and I noticed last night that my gas tank was about 1/4 tank full.  I know that on my way home, the gas light inevitably will go on.  TIME TO REFILL.

That got me thinking about something else: “How do I know when I’m running close to empty in my spiritual life?”  I mean, there are no blinking lights that come on that tell us, “HEY!  TIME TO REFILL!”   We could be driving on empty for a long time and not even know it until we hit burnout.

A few months ago I started to explore this in my own life.  I started noticing some things that were a little out-of-sorts, so I started reading and doing some self-evaluation.  Conclusion: I was close to running on empty.  I started noticing some warning signs that, had I ignored, would have led to burnout or, worse, a crash and burn situation.  So I wrote down a list of some signs that showed me I was close to running on empty in my life.  I am writing these out today to say “These were signs in my life… but they might be able to help someone else see signs in their life.”  So here are my 11 warning signs that empty is right around the corner:

1. Tiredness

2. Apathy/Passionless/Loss of excitement or drive

3. Passivity

4. Appeal to Approval

5. Withdrawal

6. Busyness = Godliness

7. “Band-aid” fixes to “Hemorrhage-type” problems

8. No time for God or His word

9. Prayers becoming short or non-existent

10. Giving in to temptation becomes easier

11. I look to others to initiate me instead of making the first move

I’m sure that there are more signs… but these should be “WARNING LIGHTS” in our lives to look out for.


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