What to look for in a Student Leader

Over the course of my years in student ministry, I have found the best use of my relational time with students to be with a group of student leaders.  In a large youth ministry, you cannot hang out with every student, and you can’t hang out with no students… so student leaders became a viable option for me.  Some have asked, “How did/do you go about selecting those students?”  There isn’t one specific way… but there are a few things that I look for in a student leader:

1. A Servants Heart

Jesus sets the bar very high when he tells us, “Your servant will be the greatest, and the greatest will be your servant.”  I don’t look at who is the most popular or who is a classical “leader”… I ask, “does this student have the heart for serving others?”

2. A Willing Attitude

Every student leader needs to have the attitude of “whatever it takes, I’m willing to do it!”  If I ask a student to help with taking out trash or setting up some chairs… and I get the attitude back of “I’m a leader… I don’t do that” then that sends HUGE red flags to me that this kid will not fit as a student leader in my ministry.

3. A Life after Jesus

I need to know that student leaders are doing the best that they can to follow Jesus with their lives.  I take great issue with students who “pose” christianity at church but live differently at school.  I love those type of students, welcome them to our ministry with open arms, teach them the way of Jesus, but do not put them on the leadership team because integrity is HUGE to me in leadership.

There are a few more things I look for, and I will share those in my next post.


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