How Teenagers Process the Gospel

I was reading in the book, Max Q, again and ran across this information.  It is a great, succinct way to put how a teenager processes the gospel in their life:

step 1: “HUH?”

– “Jesus who?”  “What I don’t know can’t hurt me, right?”  Some students start out with NO PREVIOUS ENCOUNTER with Jesus.

step 2: “OH…”

– This student has heard about Jesus… but not quite sure they are ready to decide who or what He is in their life. 

step 3: “WHAT?”

– The student is now fully confronted with the gospel in their life.  They start to ask and seek the important questions and begin to evaluate the options.   I, personally, have talked with many students who seem to fit this category.  They are searching for the answers to some pretty big and challenging questions.  The funny thing, however, is that none of these students made a decision for Jesus based on the answers they got… It was always about the experience they had with him.

step 4: “OK!”

– This is where the student says, “OK… I’m in.  I am ready to trust Jesus as my savior!”

step 5: “LET’S GO!”

– although this is just the beginning, baby steps, part of the christian journey for the student… this might be the most fired up time in their life.  They have a “world-changer” mentality about them.  Faith is fresh.  I wish all students had this mentality about their faith.  This is a very important time in the life of a student… they need to be rooted and grounded and growing in Christ… while keeping that “LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD” edge to them. 


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