ready.set.GO! week one: HONOR

Last night we kicked off the year in our high school ministry by looking at the topic of worship.  Our big question was, “If God wants me to worship Him, what does that mean?”  We discovered that worship is “Our response to what we value most in life.”  We talked about the idea that worship is such an overused word now a days that it has lost its true meaning… so we want to use the word HONOR to describe it instead.  I love the word “Honor.”  it means “To regard someone with great respect because of who they are or what they’ve done.”  God wants us to honor him.  We looked at Romans 12:1-2 to find out how to do that.  1) Put God first… sacrifice my agenda for His & 2) Don’t conform to the worlds way of doing things… but learn to go God’s way in life.  We landed with the challenge of proactively waking up each day this week and asking, “How can honor God this week @home, @school, @work, @practice, @thegame?”

Next week we will look at the word: GROW


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