WE week four: Going Deeper

We wrapped up our series, WE, this Sunday by looking at the idea that we need to go deeper with our friendships.  If we were honest, MOST of our relationships stay on the surface.  But we all feel that we need to go deeper with people, so we talked about a way to start “going deeper.”  That way is ACCOUNTABILITY.  The Bible uses the metaphor of soil and dirt when it talks about human beings…  if we are going to grow… we need to be soft and workable.  The way that a farmer gets the soil workable is by cultivating it.  cultivation keeps the soil soft and it also brings below the surface rocks up to the surface to be dealt with.  ACCOUNTABILITY is the cultivation of the soul.    we need accountability because:

1. we need sharpening

2. We need to lean on others

I challenged our students to do 3 things:  find someone to share life with, learn to be completely honest with others, & ask & answer tough questions.

We gave every student a card that had 7 accountability questions on it that we wanted our students to start asking each other to help build accountability in their friendships and take their relationships deeper.



3 thoughts on “WE week four: Going Deeper

    1. Hey Mike,
      The 7 I used were:
      1) have you spent time with God this week? If yes… when?
      2) Did you worship in church this week? if not… why?
      3) Did you use your words to hurt or help this week? examples?
      4) Did you view anything this week that would cause you to sin with your mind?
      5) Did you sinfully compromise in any area this week with someone of the opposite sex?
      6) How did you serve someone other than you this week?
      7) Did you lie to me about any of these questions?

      Hope that helps.


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