Teach Less for More

I was having a conversation with one of my interns this morning about his message series that he taught in our student ministry.  He is a great young communicator with great ideas and awesome content.  So we were talking about one of his messages and he said that he felt like he was trying to give too much information.  So we broke down his whole message and finally realized that he had, in fact, 3 separate messages in one message.  He was guilty of what we have ALL been guilty of… teaching MORE for LESS.  When we teach too much content in one message, we are less likely to see results happen because our students/listeners aren’t sure which parts to use or apply.  Some times too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing at all.  Andy Stanley wrote about this in his books “7 practices of effective ministry” and “communicating for a change.”  He said it this way… “Teach less for more… don’t preach multiple point messages, preach one point messages… a three point message could easily be turned into a three message series.”  This is what we concluded with my intern.  It was a great communication evaluation for both of us.  If you are a communicator to anyone… get to a point, stick to a point, and teach less for MORE!


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