“Coaching” in Student Ministry

So every once in a while I am asked how I lead my staff and volunteers in youth ministry. Before you know that, you need to know this: I love sports.  I think I always have.  So naturally I think of leadership in the terms of coaching a basketball team or a baseball team.  There are certain ones on my team who are assistant coaches, and others who are players.  I view my paid staff and interns as the assistant coaches and my volunteers as the players.  So, naturally, as their coach, I need to coach them differently in order to be successful and win.  A few years back I put together some guidelines for how I can coach my staff and volunteers better…  and this has been the thing I go back to often to #1) check if I am doing a good job coaching them & #2) gauge my success as a leader.  Here are those guidelines:

1. How can I COACH my STAFF better?

  • EQUIP them to lead their individual teams
  • MEET with them monthly for intentional leadership
  • CHECK IN with them weekly for updates & problem solving
  • MEET weekly for staff meetings to address concerns & cast vision

2. How can I COACH my VOLUNTEERS better?

  • Give CONSTANT and CONCISE vision to my team
  • INSPIRE the team to lead students toward Jesus
  • Use CONSISTENT language when I lead
  • PRAISE wins publicly, CHALLENGE mediocrity, & COACH through failures.

These are some of the reminders I give to myself to coach my team effectively.  What do you use?