So this past weekend we had our biggest student ministry event of the year… our annual Winter Retreat.  This is the one event during the year where we pull out all the stops and go above and beyond.  The retreat felt like it went awesome.  We had great numbers, everything went off smooth, and students were impacted.  But feelings aside… how do we REALLY know if it went well?  Early on in my ministry career I used to get done with an event… look at my volunteers and quickly ask, “Well, what did you think?”  That question was usually met with a “It went great.” or “It was good.”  But their responses always made me think “What was great?”  “What was good?”  It’s because a general question gets a general response.  If you want specific details and specific evaluation… you must get specific.  You must ask specific questions.  About 5-6 years ago I came across an event evaluation tool (I forget where I got it from… but I know that I didn’t create it) that helped me get more specific about evaluating my events.  I started out filling out the paper myself.  Then, over time, I started having my staff team fill them out.  I am to the point now, where I have a 4 level approach to my evaluation process: Me, my staff, my interns, & then my volunteers.  I heard Andy Stanley say one time about leadership… “Why would I not want to know something?  It’s better to know, even if it is bad, then to not know and find out everyone was quietly thinking it.”  That’s why my evaluation process involves so many people.  So I thought that I would make our Event Evaluation sheets available if anyone wanted one.  Here you go… I hope this helps you evaluate your youth ministry events better!

HSM Retreat event eval sheet