Organizational Clarity and Why it Matters in Student Minisry

I’m going to throw out two words that, I have to admit, are pretty loaded.  But take a good, long look at each and then think about your leadership team you have created… which one defines your team at this moment: CLARITY or CONFUSION?

The reason that these are loaded words is because, if we were honest, we would have to answer that question with a “It depends…” answer.  What are we clear on?  What are we confused on?   There could be A LOT of different results based on a lot of different situations.

But what about when it comes to the MAIN ORGANIZATIONAL side of things?  When it comes to WHO you are, WHY you exist, WHAT you do… which word describes your team?  CLARITY or CONFUSION?

One reason that teams do not succeed is because there is confusion amongst the team members over the who, why, and what.  You may have the world’s best purpose or mission statement, a great, focused set of values, and laser-like vision… but if your team is not 100% clear on these and fully bought into them, then organizational confusion will set in.

Have you ever had a parent come up to you or one of your team and offer a “suggestion”?  You know, one of those “Have you guys ever thought about…” or “At our last church we did ____________, what about doing something like that?”  We all have had that happen.  How do you make the decision on whether you even entertain those questions?  Without organizational clarity, those “suggestions” can become defining of you, your ministry, and your leadership [and not in a good way].  Organizational clarity allows you and your team to have a consistent answer when approached with those suggestions.  You’ll know when to entertain and use those suggestions, and when to dismiss them.  And dismissing them doesn’t become a personal thing… it’s an organizational thing.  We can say NO with confidence because that isn’t WHO we are, WHY we exist, or WHAT we are trying to accomplish.  Without organizational clarity, we are only as good as the next suggestion we are offered.

But what if everyone on your team was 100% clear of WHO you are, WHY you exist, and WHAT you’re trying to do?  Think of how focused you would be.  Think of how easy it would be to evaluate success.  Think of how easy it would be to add or get rid of programs that don’t line up with who you are, why you exist, or what you are trying to accomplish.


1. Develop a MISSION STATEMENT, set of CORE VALUES, and a CLEAR VISION of what you want your ministry to accomplish.

2. Communicate those to your leadership team and talk through them clearly.  Get buy in from everyone on your team.

3. Once a month go back to them with your team and talk through them.  Make sure everyone is on board with where your team is heading.

4. Begin to make decisions organizationally with your MISSION, VALUES, & VISION in mind.

5. Celebrate organizational WINS… talk through OFF TRACK moments.


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