THE Key to Communication: OVER COMMUNICATE

I’ve been focusing on a few BIG DEAL leadership things in student ministry that will help you take your ministry and teams to the next level over the last few weeks: 1) building and maintaining cohesive teams, 2) creating organizational clarity… and today I want to focus on how you can get that clarity to STICK.  What I have learned over the years from both reading and personal experience is that my success in ministry will only be as good as my ability to communicate… especially when it comes to organizational clarity.

I’ve been leaning heavily on Patrick Lencioni’s book “The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive” during these last few posts… and this one especially because I LOVED the content in it.  He wrote that, when it comes to communicating in an organization, OVER COMMUNICATING is the KEY.  And he gave 4 ways to over communicate:

4 WAYS to ensure GREAT communication:

1. Repetition – It isn’t good enough to say something one time.  You and I both wish that we could just say something once and the people who heard it would follow it to a “T”… but we also know that never happens.  What being a parent of multiple children has taught me, in regards to communication, is that I need to repeat myself over and over and over again… and just when I start feeling sick of saying it, they are just beginning to get it.  

2. Simplicity – It’s not enough, either, to say something a bunch of times.   You need to make sure that WHAT you say can be easily understood, interpreted, and passed on without confusion.  I love to look at anything I am about to say/write and say to myself K.I.S.S.   “Keep It Simple… Sam!”  

3. Multiple Mediums – The beauty of living today is that we have dozens of ways to get information and communication into the hands of those who need it.  We have email, physical mail, texting, phone calls, facebook, twitter, blogging, facetime, skype, and the list goes on!  We need to view these things for what they are, a way to dispense the information we want to get out to those we want to get it to.  Use as many mediums as you can to communicate.  

4. Cascading Messages – We also need to remember that, even though we are the main leader, we don’t need to do all the communicating to everyone.  The best way to get information out to those who need it is to ingrain it into your leadership team… and then task them with the responsibility of communicating down the chain of command.  This helps in multiple ways: 1) you’re not the only one communicating, 2) you can evaluate how well your team understands what they are communicating 3) you are building into your leaders by tasking them to lead with something big.  

One of our main jobs in student ministry is communicating well with those we lead and work alongside… And the KEY to communicating well is OVER COMMUNICATION.

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