Soul Care

So after all the drama that has gone down with Mark Driscoll lately (accusations, stepping aside for a while, and ultimately stepping down from his church) I started thinking about church leadership and soul care.  Mostly because pastors spend so much time pouring into the lives and souls of other people… but don’t often spend time allowing God to refresh their soul.  I am kicking off a series at Hopevale Church this sunday called “Rhythm” that is all about this concept.  More + Faster does not = HEALTHY.  But that often is our solution… especially as leaders.  We often skip the one thing that helps us grow to try and figure out the 30 things that help others grow… ultimately cutting off the root of any growth for anyone.  But the longer I have been in ministry… the more this reality sinks in: HEALTHY THINGS GROW… and HEALTH STARTS WITH ME. If I am not spiritually healthy, I can’t lead others to be spiritually healthy.  Oh, I can say all the right things, but I can’t authentically lead someone there.  So I am committing myself to some healthy leadership practices of the soul:

1. Spend Quality Time with God Every Day

2. Make Time in My Schedule for Significant Relationships

3. Sit & Serve (make sure that my work for God does not exceed my worship of God)

4. Say NO to More NOISE and More CLUTTER.

5. Develop a Rhythm Strategy.

I’ll write more on these 5 practices this week… but the bottom line is this: HEALTHY THINGS GROW… and HEALTH STARTS WITH ME.