Sermon Prep Storyboarding

sermon prep storyboarding-01

Part of my job as a Next Gen Pastor… actually, about 60% of my job… has to do with prepping and delivering sermons.  I teach to both middle school and high school students and to adults, but no matter who I am speaking to, it takes a significant amount of preparation.  Early on in my ministry career, the process of sermon prepping became very daunting and time consuming.  I began finding that the model of sermon prep that I learned in classroom environments in college really did not lead me to speaking and communicating well to real life people.  So I began a quest to find out how to prep sermons in a way that was 1) easier and less time consuming & 2) fit me and my style best.

I tried just about everything.  One of the major shifts I had in my communication style was after watching Andy Stanley teach on how he communicates  and organizes his sermons at a DRIVE conference years ago.  His ME, WE, GOD, YOU, WE roadmap approach to preaching was very intriguing to me.  It still is.  In fact, it is basically how I organize my sermons to this day.  (I’ve tweaked the main headers to fit me and my language and style a little bit better, but it is pretty much the same gist of things) .  A few years back, though, I began to realize that just putting those 5 headers on a paper and trying to fill them in was still VERY time consuming and difficult.  That is when I came up with my storyboard idea.  I would break my white board in my office into 6 components… the sixth being my BOTTOM LINE IDEA in the very center, with everything else wrapped around it.  I then started adding different components to each box to help me think through how to fill them in.  Things like: Personal Story, Cultural Story, Hook, Burden, Transition Statements, Critical Questions, etc…  The more I used this approach, the easier it was for me to fill in the blanks and make sense of my messages.  This process has actually cut my sermon prep time in half.

IMG_1681   [example of storyboard for a message]

So I thought that I would share with you my storyboard.  Maybe this concept will help you if you are prepping and delivering sermons.  What I have also discovered is this:  Even if you don’t deliver “sermons” this storyboard can help you prep any type of speech that you will have to give.  In fact, I used this approach with my 10 year old son to help him organize a “book talk” that he had to do for his 4th grade class at school.  I’m all about keeping things simple and well organized… so hopefully this will help you do that as well!



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