Aligning Next-Gen Ministries in your Church (part 2)


Last week I started this idea in motion of how a church can get their next gen ministries (kids min & student min) aligned and moving in the same direction toward a common goal.  The first two ideas were: 1] Create and Cast Vision and Values for Next Gen Ministries & 2] Develop Common Language to Rally Around.  

This week i want to add two more ideas to that list to keep the conversation rolling on.

3. Create a Once-A-Month “All Hands On Deck” Next Gen Team Meeting.

I don’t like too many meetings, but well placed meetings are necessary for team building, morale, and great communication.  At Hopevale, we started this meeting 2 years ago.  We invite EVERYONE that works in the Next Gen department to this meeting (Pastors, Directors, Coordinators, Assistants… sometimes interns).  This meeting is the perfect environment to recast our vision and values, to celebrate wins and share stories, to talk about what is coming up in our ministry areas, and to talk about important issues and topics in the Next Gen ministry world.  I have also used this meeting as an opportunity for staff training.  What I have found is that this meeting keeps us running on the same track… and it also provides a sense of team and family that is very encouraging to our individual ministry areas.

4. Take Your Team to a Conference.  

We made this a HUGE value about 3-4 years ago.  We know that conferences are very expensive… and there is no way to take everyone to a 3 day conference that involves plane tickets and hotel rooms… so we found a one day conference that is perfect for us.  it is the Orange Tour One Day Conference.  This day helps reinforce our vision for Next Gen, it helps us continue to speak the same language, it offers new ideas and learning for Next Gen ministry, and it gives us a team-building shared experience.  To find our where the Orange tour is going to be and if it is close to where you are, go here.  You won’t regret this one day spent with your team and the Orange team… they are AWESOME!

Next week I’ll add a couple more ideas to the conversation.


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