The details of this blog have morphed over the years, but the vision of it has not changed.  I wanted this blog to be a place where someone could explore life, family, ministry, and leadership.

Life – I wanted to challenge and wrestle out loud with life from God’s perspective.  Sometimes this evidences itself in a post from my own life experiences or from lives of people who I encounter or interact with.

Family – I want to talk about family because it is one of the most important things on my radar right now.  Everything from raising kids, to date nights, to leading in a godly way…  [not that I have somehow perfected any of that, BTW…]

Ministry – Because I have been a pastor for a while now, I wanted to pass on all that I have learned to help out other pastors.

Leadership – Similarly to Ministry, I just want to pass on what I have learned about leadership over the past 15 or so years.

I hope you enjoy the blog!

– Sam


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