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  1. jean merrell says:

    Hi Sam, Just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts for the youth group. Brayden attends OSM because our church doesn’t have enough youth his age to make our youth group interesting to him. I normally ask him what you talked about. Being a guy he normally commments with one or two sentences. 🙂 Last week he said he would rather not say exactly what you talked about because I would say something like – “see . . .that’s what I have been telling you. It was about heritage. ” And that was all he said. So I just answered your survey and thought I would see what you talked about. I watched the summary on You Tube. Thank you for what you are telling and teaching them. It is so hard to raise kids with all the outside distractions. Please don’t mention my email to Brayden (if you know who he is) as that would totally embarrass him, however I know it must seem like a thankless job sometimes as it is difficult to know if the kids are really listening. They are! Thanks!

  2. samburke says:

    thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot, Jean.

  3. sam, how are you a giants fan? do you live in the bay area? we should have a “meeting” and go to a game together. i fellow veteran youth pastor, blogger, and giants fan, it is meant to be 🙂 thanks for a consistently great blog too. blessings!

    1. samburke says:

      haha! Ben, I am a Giants fan because I grew up in San Jose, Ca. I lived there for 19 years, then moved to PA for college and then to Indiana for ministry. I am in between ministries right now, but know that God has got something for me. thanks for the kind words. I read around on your blog as well and loved your heart and take on youth ministry. keep up the awesome leadership!


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